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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Gatlinburg Restaurant

When you visit Gatlinburg, you probably know quite a bit about your favorite spots. While we hope to be one of your go-to restaurants in town, we first want to share some facts about us you may not know! From where our name comes from to why we serve certain foods, we want to break it all down for you! Check out these 5 things you didn’t know about our Gatlinburg restaurant:

1. The decor is inspired by LeConte Lodge.

dining room in cumberland jack's gatlinburg restaurantOur story is a pretty unique one. We wanted to pay homage to the Great Smoky Mountains, and what better way to do that than take inspiration from the tallest mountain peak in the Smokies. All of our design choices and interior decor inspiration come from LeConte Lodge. We want our Gatlinburg restaurant to feel like a stop along your journey through the Smokies where you can get great food, community, and so much more.

2. We’re named after a famous companion.

The design of our building isn’t the only thing inspired by LeConte Lodge. We wanted our name to encompass it too. So we went back in history to learn more about this hospitable inn. That’s when we found out that the man who built the Lodge and ran it for many years had a furry friend that went with him everywhere. The owner of LeConte Lodge was named Paul Adams, and his partner was named Jack. Jack was frequently referred to as Cumberland Jack, and we thought it fit our vision perfectly!

3. Our starters are inspired by meals Paul Adams and Jack ate.

bucket of bread at cumberland jack'sOn our menu and website, you’ll find excerpts from Paul Adams’ journal that talk about what he and Jack did at the Lodge or on errands. One of the entries talks about how they traveled a long way and stopped for vegetable stew and a bucket of bread. We took this meal and turned it into our starters! With every meal served at our Gatlinburg restaurant, you will receive a tin bucket full of buttery rolls and a metal tin filled to the brim with our signature vegetable stew. Everyone raves about both, and it’s definitely part of our experience you won’t forget!

4. The portions are meant to keep you fueled up for your journey.

Something else you’ll probably notice once you eat with us is the portion sizes of our entrees. We give our guests all the food they could possibly stomach in order to make sure they are fueled up for their journey! Whether it is your last meal of the day and you’re headed back to the cabin to sleep or it’s lunchtime and you’re planning on exploring the national park, we want to make sure you’re full!

5. We offer free refills for when you pass last water.

drinks at cumberland jack'sIn addition to giving you enough food to stay full, we also offer free refills on coffee, iced tea, and sodas at our Gatlinburg restaurant. We want to make sure our guests aren’t thirsty when they head out on their adventure, because we may be the spot where you pass last water before you reach your destination!

Now you know a little more about our Gatlinburg restaurant. We can’t wait to see you the next time you’re in town! Have questions about us or the menu? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!